Tile and Stone

Benefits of Tile and Stone

Benefits of Tile and Stone

Whether it is a floor, back splash or tiled shower , tile or stone makes a statement both chic and classic.
They are elegant and are trending. Tile or stone is not just something you find on a kitchen or bathroom floor, it can be used in any room of the house on the floor or the walls. Tile will make a stunning shower and will compliment any counter top as a backsplash.

When using tile as floor décor you can be creative, practical and charming, tile is unbeatable. While having amazing colors, textures, shapes and sizes it gives you the options of being very stylish. If you wish to add pizzazz to your creation take advantage of glass trim or accents pieces that are available, add in some colored grout and you have designed a masterpiece.

Tile is the one thing that has the ability of being installed in a pattern that can add interest to your floor, whether it is mixing colors , shapes or sizes it is sure to make a statement.

Care & Maintenance of Tile and Stone:

Tile whether it is ceramic , porcelain or stone you will find it is one of the longest lasting flooring materials. It however still needs a bit of care and maintenance to ensure it remains beautiful and trouble free for years to come.

Here are some helpful hints to keep your floors looking great.

• As needed sweep your floors to remove any dirt or grit
• Wipe spills promptly
• Use a damp mop once a week ( or more often with heavy traffic) using a special cleaner that H.T.Winters can recommend.
• Make sure the cleaner that you use is pH compatible with the grout cleaner. Never use detergent or soap, this may dull the surface or promote mildew growth.
• Cleaners should never contain acids , vinegars, chlorines or ammonia as these chemicals can damage and discolor both the grout , stone or tile.
• Make sure you wait the appropriate time for the grout to cure before apply any sealer.

Installation of Tile and Stone

The Staff at H.T.Winters will help you every step of the way selecting your new floor, backsplash or tiled shower, from coming out and performing a professional onsite measurement, to removing the old flooring, to having a skilled and professional installation. We do it all leaving you with a professional amazing looking tiled floor, shower or backsplash.

A few key points that will take place during installation :

• Subfloor , tile must be installed over a subfloor that is structurally sound, level, smooth and clean. Most often a cement backer board must be laid first. Preparing the subfloor is a critical step in assuring a good professional installation.
• Installation - the installer will first determine the layout of the tile. Using chalk lines as a guide, they will then start to spread the mortar and placing of the tiles, once the mortar has set up (usually the next day) the grout will then be applied.
• The installer will then carefully clean the tiles clean of all grout. It is a good idea to stay off from the tiled area for a good 24-48 hrs for full curing time.

Our brands of tile that we carry our :