Benefits of Carpet

Benefits of Carpet

Did you know Carpet has so many things going for it. It’s soft, safe, warm and is quiet. Carpet is stain resistant and gives you an excellent value for the price, it also saves energy. Carpet has proven to trap allergens and dander , which can easily be removed with vacuuming regularly. If you are looking for the comfort, and warmth under foot consider beautifying your room with carpet.

Care & Maintenance of Carpet

Taking care of carpet is not hard, there are a few easy steps to be aware of, Following these steps will ensure that your carpet will continue to look great for years to come.

• Preventive Maintenance – protect your carpet before problems occur
• Vacuuming – prolongs the life
• Spot and spill removal- be prepared for the unavoidable
• Overall cleaning- get regular care with cleaning systems.

No carpet is absolutely stain proof

Many carpets have stain resistant treatments that will improve your ability to clean many stains, but not prevent them. Carpets that have the soil resistant treatments will help in reducing the rate of soiling, but all carpet do require regular care and maintenance.

Stain and soil

Did you know the majority of staining complaints are actually soil related? Many sugar based spills leave a sugar residue after removal, this sticky residue attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic, and in return results in discolored areas that appear to be a stain.

The same thing happens when spills are cleaned with a soapy detergent, if the stain is not rinsed properly with plain water again it will leave a sticky residue. It is very important to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill.

Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for proper care requirements.

What to expect with the installation of carpet.

H.T.Winters Staff will help you with every step , after you have selected your new carpet , we will come out to do an on-site measurement, we will help with the removal of the old flooring and provide a skilled installation. Our installers are professional will leave your room of choice looking amazing.

Before Installation check list:

• Paint first. If you are planning on painting, wallpapering or doing any remolding to the room it is best to do this before the installation of your carpet.
• Who is moving the furniture? The room should be cleaned out and ready to go. Should you need help in moving some pieces of furniture a small fee may apply.

During installation

There are many steps that the professional installers will follow to make your carpet look great.
• Prepare the surface: Carpet is one that can be installed over most smooth surfaces. The installer will make sure the subfloor is clean , dry and level
• The installer will then nail or glue any tack strip that is needed
• The pad will then be installed by securing with staples or glue
• The installer will then line up any seams if a seam is needed
• The installer will then stretch in the carpet, complying with the industry standards so that your carpet will give the best performance for years to come.